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Onyx Rc Power Systems

Tp3630cm 5250kv 3s-4s

Tp3630cm 5250kv 3s-4s

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This motor is specially designed for Speed-Run competitions! It has no warranty!

Please do not keep running the motor at the max power or max RPM more than 10 seconds!​

More details needed contact us.

KV: 5250 KV
Max Amps (A): 71 A
Max Volt (V): 4s Lipo
Continuous Power (W): 1000 W
Max Power (W): 1800 W
Max RPM: 100K

This motor as open caps (vented)
Shaft Diameter (mm): 5 mm
Flat spot on the shaft?: Yes (12 mm)
Output shaft length: 16 mm
Diameter x Length (mm): 36 mm x 60 mm
Bolt Pattern (mm): 4 x M3 x 25 mm
Cable: 88-91 mm
Weight (g): 270 g
Poles: 4P

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