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Onyx Rc Power solution

Tp5680 1350kv 6s to 8s

Tp5680 1350kv 6s to 8s

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Motor details.

Turns: 4D

KV: 1350 KV
Max Amps (A): 517 A
Max Volt (V): 29 V
Continuous Power (W): 9000 W
Max Power (W): 15000 W
Max RPM: 40K
Rm: 0.0026
No-Load Current (A): 10.4 A

This motor as vented caps for better cooling
Shaft Diameter (mm): 8 mm
Flat spot on the shaft?: Yes
Output shaft length: 20 mm
Diameter x Length (mm): 57.9 mm x 122 mm
Bolt Pattern (mm): 6 x M4 x 30 mm
Weight (g): 1350 g
Poles: 6P

Note= Please gear this motor with a low gearing to start with a baseline. Incorrect gearing could damage your motor and your system which could affect your warranty.

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