Collection: RW Racing Pinions


Manufacturers and distributors to the model trade of tune-up parts for all classes of radio controlled model racing cars, bikes and helicopters. Unlike our competition all RW spurs and pinions are rotating machine cut to guarantee their concentricity which linear cut "cogs" can never match. Our range of pinions cover every style and size from 1/8th scale to 1/18th scales and are available in hardened steel or harden ultra light alloy, and in most cases stamped with the number of teeth for easy identification. Our spur gears are made from High grade Acetal, a high quality engineering plastic, these are drilled to fit most spur carriers, they are lightened and stamped with the number of teeth.

Our products are all race proven and are used by many of the top drivers around the world. Some of our products are also supplied to various R/C manufacturers as their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). With both our expertise together we are always able to develop better products to keep ahead of the competition.

Our other services include custom design and special one-offs for serious applications and restoration projects for highly collectable old-timers, and we don't just mean model cars!

For more information please contact Neil Stubbington by e-mail, telephone or fax, you can find all the details in the Contact page.