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Onyx Rc Power Systems 4s

O.P.S Stock LHB 6900mah 14.8v (4s) FEW REMAINING

O.P.S Stock LHB 6900mah 14.8v (4s) FEW REMAINING

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  - Lower internal resistance.                                                                                                - Transparent Hardcase for protection as well as Performance                                    - 10awg wire from our tabs to your desired connector.                                                  - Updated advanced materials.                                                                                          - True Power.                                 

  Specification details are below.

    Size:  38mm x 48mm x 160mm 

    Measured MAh:         6900mAh

    Voltage:                           14.8v

    C rate:                              150C+

    Weight:                             640gr     

    Wire size:                        10AWG


Finally, if you want your batteries to have a good life cycle think about                           your charging system and your monthly process. Need any support with this,              please contact me via Facebook or email.

Advised to charge rate of 1C to 5C please note that a higher charge rate will put less mAh into the pack and will reduce cycle life.

6-month warranty with all our rtr performance ranges

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