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Onyx Rc Power Systems

Tp4080cm 2022kv 6s 8s

Tp4080cm 2022kv 6s 8s

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This motor is specially designed for Speed Run competitions! no warranty provided

Please do not keep running the motor at the max power or max RPM more than 10 seconds or this will cause damage to the motor esc and batteries. gear accordingly, start with a small pinion and spur.

CM Increased Torque and RPM.

KV: 2022 KV
Max Amps (A): 324 A
Max Volt (V): 34 V
Continuous Power (W): 6000 W
Max Power (W): 11000 W
Max RPM: 68K
Rm: 0.00273
No-Load Current (A):  4.2

This motor is a sealed housing.

Shaft Diameter (mm): 8 mm
Flat spot on the shaft?: Yes 
Output shaft length: 18-20 mm
Diameter x Length (mm): 40 mm x 117 mm
Bolt Pattern (mm): 4 x M4 x 25 mm
Cable: 86-91 mm
Weight (g): 651-658 g
Poles: 4P

any further information require please email us.

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